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A community that is updated daily with pictures from 3 different bands (hence the name) - those bands being Maximo Park, We Are Scientists and Editors.

You're all very welcome to join!

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December 1st

December 1st

Yay it's time for the advent calender!
So for everybody who missed the one two years ago: Everyday I'll post WAS-photos (most of them will have a theme), one on the 1st, two on the 2nd, three on the 3rd, etc. Every now and then there'll be other features, depending on what theme it is and whether my internet connection will cooperate with me haha.
All entries will be members only <- Every entry but this one so you can link others to it. :P
I'm already gonna apologize for the slight overdose on Keith, I've tried to make it as fair as possible.

To prevent your fpages from death the display picture outside the cut won't be larger than 400x400 (if you click on them you'll be led to a larger version if existing), all pictures under the cut not larger than 600x600. You'll be grateful from around the 10th on :P

So, that's basically it. I hope everybody enjoys and gets in a christmassy mood! ♥


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Anybody out there?

Just checking if people are still reading this community at all :P

Because! I'm getting in the christmas mood already and was thinking about repeating 2006's advent calender. Maybe not in that extent, but certainly in some way.

Thing is, why put so much effort when nobody is interested? ;) So come on, WAS fans! Show you're still there. Everybody should comment with one of their favorite pictures (check the comments for previous pictures so there won't be double posts) and if I feel like enough people participate I will start sorting out things for December.

So yeah, waiting .

PS: Of course, along with your picture you can also tell me what you'd like to see in the calender, or if anybody wants to help out that'd be cool too. You too can be part of this Science!